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Once upon a time in a land far far away there lived a young man who wanted to help those less fortunate with their websites. He saw the great injustices in web design that were being done to well meaning but misguided small business owners. They believed the lies that they could not afford a great website and had to settle for a template and a clumsy content management system from the same company that sold them their domain. This young hero set out to right these wrongs and break down the walls that trapped these hard working men and women. With strength of design and an intellect to program the most complex of systems, the ruggedly handsome champion of websites set out on a quest that has brought him great joy and satisfaction. With each proprietor he sets free from their chains of animated gif "at" signs, text that follows their cursor and colors that were separated on the rainbow for good reason, he gains the wisdom and strength to continue on to the next unfortunate site. His desire to open the eyes of design to the beauty of navigation and structure gives him cause to press forward so that one day he will rid the world of ugly websites. It can - no it must be done.

This is what you get when you work on your about us page at 2:00am. Really though, the jestus company was started in 2001 by Tom Jestus to meet the need of small business owners wanting to build their online presence. Tom's background in print design and fine art is what drives his designs. He puts as much emphasis on the look of the site as he does the usability of the site (for the site owner and their customers).

In 2009 the jestus company teamed up with Benet Online to expand our services.

tom jestusTom is married to Amy, his wonderful wife of 17 years, and has four great kids, Moriah, Tommy III, Cyrus and Sophia. When not creating websites, Tom likes to get out with his family. He is involved in his church and the local political scene, promoting liberty to anyone who will listen. He enjoys home improvement projects and has been known to occasionally sketch a picture or two.

Dwebsite development
With over a decade of experience in the design and marketing industry, we know how to create a web presence that you will be proud to show. We have the capability to develop simple informational sites to complex e-commerce solutions. more »
Hwebsite hosting
We offer ColdFusion hosting packages starting at $30.00 per month. Our packages include full email and complete hosting maintenance. If we develop your site, minor monthly changes to your site are also included as part of your hosting fee. more »
Bbeyond your website Having a website should only be a part of an online presence. You need to consider your complete online branding. From your website to social networks to whatever and wherever your customers will be spending time online next. more »
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